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People pleasers: how to be more assertive at work

Grab this simple step-by-step guide to become more assertive at work, if like me, you are a people pleaser.

This guide has been lovingly crafted for people who struggle to say no or negotiate when others ask for help. It's for that super helpful person who postpones their life goals because they keep prioritising someone else's.

This guide supports a 30 mins video live I published on LinkedIn in May 2022.


What's inside the guide?

Here's a sneak peak...

Why we people please

People pleasers, we love to help others, don’t we? It’s what we do. And we love the positive feedback when the other person is happy thanks to us, “Oh Helen thanks so much, you are a life saver.”

Why we are people pleasers is an old story and it’s worth Googling the term as there are some great articles explaining why we do it. To nutshell why, it’s.....

Human needs list

Step1: Get curious about your needs

Step 2: Pro step: get curious about their needs

Step 3: The language to explore options

Step 4: Lean in - hold on - breath

Sacrifice vs service

Do tell me how you get on or reach out if you have further questions on this or need another type of how-to guide to manage everyday work challenges.


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