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Hey, I'm Helen

Over the years I have found myself getting stuck in certain types of work situations that left me feeling frustrated, unappreciated, or powerless. 

There's a moment in life after stuff just keeps happening, that an uncomfortable question starts to surface, 'am I the common thread to all this tension?'. This happened to me in my 40s as a seasoned communication consultant and divorced mum of two. I had to take a hard look at my own behaviour instead of simply blaming others or circumstances.


Wanting to drive more effective conversations and build more trusting relationships, I went on a personal journey to better understand and manage myself, learn new ways of managing difficult situations, and in the process qualified as a professional coach.


While my journey has become part of my life, today I coach individuals and teams on how to improve their thinking, behaviour, conversations, and relationships that transform their work life and their careers.

How I work

Individual coaching

I coach individuals through professional transformations. It could be to increase visibility and reputation within their organisation, to better manage their stress and improve their work relationships, or to be a more effective manager and leader.


However, it's rare that my clients' don't discuss personal situations that need untangling and working through during our time together. And that's absolutely fine by me.

Tangerine Wall

How we work together

We have an initial chat to get clarity on what you want to get out of the coaching, and if you feel comfortable after that chat, we invest time to identify clear coaching objectives during a second conversation, along with a realistic time frame for the coaching.

Once a coaching agreement has been signed, our coaching begins. Depending on your goals, I will probably recommend you take a Harrison Assessment for us to see your behaviour traits in a professional context and produce an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) report. Both are powerful tools that will help us focus our time.


To guide our sessions we will follow a coaching structure and at times we'll throw structure out and create our own flow depending on what you need. To support your objectives I will use a combination of pure coaching that supports thinking in different ways, mini-educationals to increase self-awareness, the use of coaching tools to help work through blocks, and mini 'how-to' sessions to learn new communication or management tools. Always with your agreement first.

Coaching stops when we have reached your objectives or when you need a break to integrate and practice the learning. I might end the coaching sessions if I feel our coaching isn't working for you or you are not fully committed to doing the work. This is one of my ICF code of ethics commitments and is my role as the coach. 


Team training

Working with specialised training companies like Formative Communications, we provide management and leadership training for teams, supported by one-on-one coaching. Training programmes are tailored to your organisation's needs and priorities. I particularly love training people new to management.

I am also a dedicated team member of, a network of international coaches and trainers. Together we help organisations under stress adopt fresh thinking so that they can grow.


The trainings are given online and, when possible, in person.


  • ICF accredited professional coach (ACTP)

  • ICF accredited Harrison Assessments International professional coach 

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) certified practitioner and certified Brain Profiler with Six Seconds Network 

  • Nonviolent Communication practitioner

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Leadership and Team Vital Signs coach

  • Currently studying for a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBT) - integrating hypnosis, mindfulness and CBT

Image by Mae Mu
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