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I don't have time to coach my team

25 years ago, Daniel Goleman the author of Emotional Intelligence, interviewed over 2000 leaders and he identified six emotionally intelligent leadership styles (see chart below). Goleman noted that the more leadership styles a leader used, the greater the positive impact they had on their teams' performance and goals.

Not surprisingly, leaders preferring to use Pacesetting, "Come on, push through, follow me!" and Commanding, "Do what I say now" leadership styles had the least engaged employees. And I'm guessing, these days will have the highest burnout scores.

The coaching leadership style was (and still is) the least utilised despite evidence proving it is one of the most effective ways to positively impact culture, talent retention and the bottom line.

A circle split into 6 equal segments - Affiliative, Democratic, Commanding, Pacesetting, Visionary and Coaching
Six styles of leadership, Emotional Intelligence EQ

Managers don't coach, because they don't know how to coach

Managers say coaching takes too long, or they don't have time, or it doesn't work. The truth is coaching is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced, unlike the other leadership skills which are more intuitive.

This Autumn we are running a programme for managers and leaders to learn and practice how to run coach-like conversations at work that increase the quality of team thinking, solutions to their own problems, and accountability and trust within the team.


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