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Coaches and trainers on how to improve people-related performance at work

WeAreRead4U is a network of international coaches and trainers who support organisations under stress adopt fresh thinking in order to grow. Each month an expert shares practical ideas live on LinkedIn on how to increase vitality at work.

Why won't people listen to me?

Struggling to convince people to listen to you or agree with your ideas? It's a common complaint from professionals who are passionate about their work. The solution is easy, yet is the opposite of what we want to do and normally do. 

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What's your purpose?

Suffering from FOMO because you aren't sure what your purpose is in life? And made worse by IG gurus gleely talking about how they do know... or worse that they know their soul's purpose (groan!). Well, my friend, you are in good company. Lisa Kretschmann shares her take on how to gently and lovingly increase your sense of purpose. Spoiler alert: no crystals, shaman trips or soul retreats required.

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People pleasers: how to be more assertive at work

Four steps for people who struggle to say no or negotiate their needs over others at work with me, Helen Dunnett, business performance coach.

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The unspoken impact on work performance

A look at the mental and physical health issues that many of us have been experiencing, particularly over the past two years with Covid, and what to do about it with Diana Siepmann, functional medicine consultant.

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Is agility the new stupid?

Exploring agility and how to increase it at work without burning people out, with Michel Bienert, Business coach. PS this isn't about Agile Project Management.

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How do you align your values & culture with your organization?

Some useful insights and ideas on how to be true to yourself while working in an organisation that on the surface lives different values to yours with Naheed Khan, Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and co-founder of Futurwits. 

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Are people the main asset in an organisation?

How can people be the main asset in an organisation if the first thing that goes, when the company is struggling, is the people? Reggy Degen, founder of Q7 Leader outlines the true asset, something that benefits both managers and employees, and creates real value for everyone. 

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4 health tips for more vitality at work

Feeling exhausted before the day has even begun? You wouldn't be alone. Diana Siepmann, a functional medicine consultant, and Lisa Kretschmann, a yoga teacher, give us four simple actions we can do each day, and more importantly, why these ones increase our vitality throughout the day. They've also created a one-page handout, just reach out to either Diana or Lisa to get a copy.

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Is small talk important?

What is small talk? Why it's important and how to get it right with David Corcoran, Executive Voice Coach

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Toxic people at work, should we just ignore them?

What to do if you find yourself impacted by other people's unhelpful behaviour at work with Michel Bienert, Business Coach

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How to always have useful sales conversations

4 steps to ensuring every sales conversation is a useful one for both you the sales person and your customer with Johann Bienert, Sales coach and trainer.

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How to manage your boss who's from a different culture

4 beliefs and ways of behaving that get in the way of managing others well, and what to do instead with Alicia Krijger, Intercultural coach and trainer.

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