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Discover your
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(not someone else's)

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Leadership expert Simon Sinek, researcher Brené Brown and life coach & entrepreneurs Mel Robbins and Mark Manson all talk about living and leading with values, which is great advice, but perhaps you're not sure what your true values are? 


If you Google 'top 200 values', you'll be overwhelmed with amazing values to live by. Have the conversation with a few friends and you might fall in love with some of their values too. If you're not careful you'll end up with a backpack of worthy values, that will tie you in knots and be a nightmare to put into practice.


Here’s the thing, we pick up values - consciously or unconsciously - from family, friends, school, the community, work, life - but that doesn't necessarily make them ours.  They can be more like social expectations than inspiring guiding lights.

So that's why I'm running a 60 min workshop to support you to get clarity on your unique combination of values. I want to help you have renewed clarity on what's important to you and not what your parents or partner expect from you. 

Which date works best for you?

Who might this session be for?

  • Do you agonise over certain decisions and second guess yourself?

  • Do you regularly feel you’re not living your life?

  • Do you ever feel emotionally stuck or numb?

  • Do you struggle to stick to a plan?

  • Are you a slave to perfection?

  • Do you compare yourself a lot to others and worry that you're not 'living' enough?

  • Are you regularly questioning your friendships?

  • Is something missing?

  • Do you feel uninspired at work?

  • Do you feel life is one long compromise?


If you want to be more intentional and perhaps reinstate some clear boundaries with certain people, knowing your true values is a good place to start.


Diana, Millennial

I never gave much thought around what are my personal values and how I could use them in my life. This year I set myself a goal to be more intentional in the choices I make and having my personal value as a guide has helped me a lot. I use them as my compass when it comes to making professional changes and as come back to them (almost like my foundation) when I go through challenging times personally. Working with Helen has helped me a lot in this journey and I'm very happy I gave myself permission to be guided by her.

Thank you Helen :)

Carmen, Gen X

Helen brought me into a path of total honesty with myself, through the process of finding my true values. Since then, I am more aware of what decisions I take in my professional and personal life and why. Knowing my true values has been a game-changer. I see myself for who I am and can decide to change or not starting from there. I am deeply grateful for this discovery!

Anastasia, Boomer II

I encourage everyone to go through the process of getting to understand your true values. When we do so in our 30s, the exercise helps us uncover parts of ourselves we were not aware of, and it can support the decisions we make in our personal and professional lives. In our 40s, it helps us determine what is essential to us, what we should stop doing, where we should invest our energy -- should we change careers or are we on the right path? It also made me stronger in refusing to compromise on my most important values. Now, at almost 60, going through the process with Helen helped open new possibilities. My values haven't changed really, it is rather, as Helen said, that I came back to self. 

Morgane, Millenial

I didn’t really know what to expect from your coaching session… I went on the recommendation of a friend of mine who said it helped her a lot, and I understand why, now. It really enabled me to see things from a different perspective.

We've all heard the expression 'life's a journey', and while you might have just rolled your eyes at that, do we really want to just survive each moment to simply stumble into your final destination? LOL I hope not. So I like to describe values as the guiding lights on our personal runway. They keep us on our path, even when we're not sure where the path is taking us.


Knowing your true values shouldn't be a privilege for an enlightened few, it should be part of everyone's toolkit to lead a more inspiring and intentional life.


This is an invitation to reclaim your true values, by doing so you will trust yourself more, you will become more intentional about your next moment and your next choice, and you will start to look back at each day and truly sing "I did it my way!" 


Can’t wait to see you.

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