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Let's do this

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12 weeks of personal coaching, tailored training, and in a safe space to help you get clarity on your objectives, stay committed, and achieve your goals    

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January 2022

Do you feel like Elastigirl, overstretching to support others - the boss, colleagues, our kids, and partner - and in the process you put your needs and dreams on hold?

Now in my 50s, I can tell you that everyone is still very comfortable with me focusing on their needs first. I've learned that there isn't a magical moment when everyone steps aside and lets me finally do my thing.

So please don't wait any longer because this is for you.

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Are you like me?


There are times in my life when I want to achieve a new goal but wonder how to get started and how on earth to keep going when I trip up. 


For example, this summer I’ve been thinking about the best way to shift those covid kilos, but then I really should focus on building my business, but I don't want to forget my important relationships… or should I just commit to meditate regularly and see what happens. Is this just me? As a trained coach, I know it isn’t. (Who am I? I hear you whisper)

If you sincerely want to make some changes in your life, but find it difficult to take the first steps, stay motivated, or perhaps like me, you don’t know what to focus on first and how to say no to competing demands like bosses, partners and kids, then join me and a small group of like-minded individuals for 12 weeks, and let’s do this together.

You aren't alone

  • Do you get excited about starting a new something, you nail the routine THEN life happens and your new something fizzles out after a couple of months?


  • Do you have a secret something that you’d love to do, BUT you don’t feel [good... bright... strong... talented... educated... old... young... funny... serious] enough?​


  •  Do others take so much of your time, that you don’t feel you have the space for your dream thing?


  • Do you hear a little voice in your head saying, “If you can’t do it brilliantly, then don’t bother doing it”?



And a safe space

The truth is we all have these thoughts and feelings at some point, and they reinforce our fear of failure or our sense of powerlessness to achieve things we sincerely care about.


From my experience as a certified coach and trainer, we need way more than a goal and gritted teeth to make sustained changes in our lives.


  • We need personalised support and strategies to address our unique challenges that get in the way of us sticking with our goals

  • We need to create a path that makes sense in our lives

  • We need regular check-ins with people who want us to progress (apps have their limits)

  • We need to share our commitments with people we trust and respect as this motivates us to follow through

  • And get this, we also achieve more when we hold others to their commitments! (Who would have thought!)

  • We need a safe space to express our struggles surrounded by people who get it, who don't judge or shame, but dust us down and set us on our way once more

  • We need to have a good deal of laughter and time to celebrate along the way

Let's do this

Here’s what you can expect over 12 weeks


Jan - Apr 2022

  • Your personal Emotional Intelligence and Brain Profile report to better understand the way you think and operate today

  • A private coaching session to clarify your goal or ambition, potential obstacles, challenges, and the initial path (paths change, and that’s ok!)

  • Team workshop: Discover your true values, to help tap into your intrinsic motivations.

  • Get assigned an accountability buddy

  • Access to a private online community which will be our ‘home’. To find links to upcoming sessions, latest recordings, access workbooks, get quick answers and to share the ups and downs of your journey.

Each week


TBC17:00 CET

  • We’ll meet weekly (online) to reconnect, review last week’s goals and get clarity on this week’s objectives. (Optional second session on Monday evening, if lunchtime is impossible)

  • We’ll talk through roadblocks and challenges and help get you unblocked

  • You’ll receive a workbook to follow the flow of the session, make notes and keep a track of commitments and progress

  • I’ll provide a training (live and recorded) each week with tips and tools to overcome key challenges highlighted by the team.

  • We’ll share and celebrate breakthroughs throughout each week in our private Facebook group, no matter how small.


At a suitable time

I’ll organize individual 60 mins coaching check-ins to see how it’s going for you, what’s working, what else you need, and how I can support you more.

Image by Wengang Zhai

after 12

Let's celebrate!

And plan what's next...

What would you love to devote some time to?

It could be professional or personal, or a combination of both. For example, you might want to...​

  • Invest time in improving your health, mental wellness or stress management

  • Develop your career path

  • Grow business network

  • Increase physical strength and fitness

  • Invest time in a hobby

  • Get better at a skill

  • Starting a business on the side

3 things to know now

  1. I’m keeping the size of our team small, so have a think about whether you are ready for change, but don’t wait too long!

  2. I’m having a chat with each person before they join to make sure we will work well together.

  3. It costs EUR 595 (plus 21% VAT) for 12 weeks.

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