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Find, connect & become
Accountability Buddies

Pair up & Power up!

If you enjoyed listening to the Embodying Change podcast hosted by my glorious accountability buddy Melissa Pitotti, and you’d like to get your own accountability buddy, Melissa knocked up this quick guide after our chat. The free download includes:

Part 1: Text you could modify to invite someone to consider being your accountability buddy.
Part 2: Questions you could both answer during your recurring conversations.

Why bother?

Why indeed. Isn't life hard enough? Don't we already have too many check-ins, meetings and commitments and no time spare? Probably. And have you ever wondered what or who is coming to save you from your current situation?
The truth is, no-one is coming. And do you know why? Because that person is also stuck in their own overwhelming meeting and task-saturated nightmare. Maybe... maybe they are waiting for you? 

Who's ya buddy?

When you think about a suitable accountability buddy, don't ask your best friend or someone you want to date. Look for someone who you admire and respect. Maybe they have qualities that you would like to adopt, or perhaps they are similar to you but operate in a totally different sector. Critically, it's someone you wouldn't want to let down.

Depending on your personality, you might want to choose someone with a similar sense of humour. Melissa and I do have a good laugh, generally at ourselves. But of course that's not a must and if I think back to the early days of our weekly check-ins, we didn't laugh that much. I think we were both more focused on being present to our goals and to each other.

Look through your professional contacts, look outside your current organisation, think about people you've met a few times at conferences or on a training. Your buddy is hiding in plain sight.

What should I work on?

It's a great question, and we'd recommend focusing on the most important thing for you right now. The more focused you are, the more you will achieve. Whatever that is. It might be career-focused, it might be personal, it could be both. Start somewhere, start anywhere. Start.

How often should we meet?

Find a time that works for you both every week and make it a repeated calendar appointment and communication channel. Melissa and I meet every Friday afternoon for 30 mins. Some days it's a tight 30 mins, other times, if we both have the time, we roll on a bit longer. And there's no hard feelings if one of us only has the allotted time. We don't check-in when one of us is on holiday. 

Needs some inspiration?

Books I've read recently that might help you get moving. 
Do what matters most. By Rob Shallenberger and Steve Shallenberger
Four thousand weeks by Oliver Burkeman
The Source by Dr Tara Swart
The One Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan

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