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It's your time to shine

Hello you ;-)

If you don't want to compromise on being a lovely human being as soon as you step into the office, yet at times feel your kindness gets walked all over, you aren't alone. Do you feel your dedication and extra hours go unnoticed, and at times you are close to exploding with frustration?

Surely there must be more options available than either trying to ignore poor behaviour or becoming the office rottweiler?

(guess what.... I've got great news for you)



How much do you shine at work?

I created this Time To Shine Quiz to help you figure out your professional glow today and depending on your result, offer you practical tips to increase your visibility at work.


I'm Helen

Over the years I've found myself getting stuck in certain types of work situations that left me feeling frustrated, unappreciated or powerless. 

Wanting to drive more effective conversations, I went on a personal journey to learn new ways of managing difficult situations, and in the process qualified as a coach.

Today I coach individuals and teams on how to improve their thinking, behaviour, conversations and relationships that transform their work life and their careers.


For you

Let's take back control of your work life. Seriously it's your time to shine.

Together let's get clarity on what's important to you so you make confident decisions. Let's redraw your boundaries so you feel safe and grounded. I'll share with you some awesome tools to drive powerful conversations. Let's end feeling hurt and lost for words. We will practice everything you learn together in a safe space until you are ready to do it for real. 

This isn't about learning to be someone else or faking self-confidence, this is supporting you to become the most professionally authentic version of yourself, that feels right for you and builds your professional credibility.  

If this is you, but right now you just want an informal chat and a fresh perspective, give me a shout.

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