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Deadline 30 May 2022

Turning dreams into reality 

I've just finished supporting someone over the past 12 months who at the start felt all doors were closed to her professionally. She only saw rejection and financial struggle as her future. Her goal was to return to the corporate world, secure a regular income within her professional field, and do work that was in line her values. I'm thrilled to share that she's just become a board member of a thriving business that 'high fives' all her goals. She's back on her way, full of self-trust and armed with tools to keep her on track. 

With my client's goal achieved I'm now available to offer free coaching to someone else ready for a change.  

What's involved?

Coaching isn't for everyone. It's for those who really want to create a powerful shift in their lives, but perhaps don't know how to do it, don't know where to start, or need help staying motivated. Coaching isn't for people who struggle to find time to attend regular coaching sessions, who often need to cancel at the last minute or struggle to do follow-up work. 


You see, coaching is a partnership. I'm only as successful as my client is willing to commit to doing the work, like taking personal responsibility, challenging old assumptions, and experimenting with new ways of doing things, week after week until they achieve their goal.

Ready to apply?

If 'What's involved' hasn't frightened you off, and you feel ready to get unstuck professionally but you can't afford professional support, why not take a deep breath and apply for free coaching with me? 


If free coaching feels too uncomfortable to accept, I'm also open to a skills exchange. My last client introduced me to an amazing range of conflict management and negotiation tools. Perhaps you are great at design, or you are an artist, or a fitness coach, or a digital marketing professional...etc, and you can help me grow and learn too, so just wanted to throw that in, in case it supports you.   

If I get more than one person applying, I'll draw one name on Monday 30 May 2022.


Good luck!

Application: Free professional coaching 

If you want to get moving, your first step is to fill in this tiny form :-)

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